About Andean Fusion

Andean Fusion is a music group that plays music from the South American Andes (also known as Peruvian Pan-flute music). They have been together as a group for over 25 years, traveling throughout North and South America, Central America, and Europe. Their music is a mixture of traditional Andean music and contemporary fusion. After a tour of Texas in 1989, the group soon fell in love with San Antonio and decided to call the city home. Andean Fusion set a standard "Andean Symphony Vol I " and "Andean Symphony Vol II" by utilizing sophisticated musical harmonies to traditional Andean music. One example of this can be the way that Andean Pan-Flute Bands have always featured two flute players to play melody and harmony. In these two recordings, Andean Fusion breaks away from this traditional format and starts to add free-flowing arrangements behind the songs, creating a rich and powerful sound that is easy to listen and enjoy.


Eduardo is a songwriter, producer, arranger and musician. He combines his traditional South-American background and his classical training with a strong knowledge of contemporary music in his works. Eduardo Garcia was born in Lima, Peru in 1975. He first started to learn Peruvian native woodwind instruments, such as sikus, zamponas and quenas, at the age of 11. Eduardo holds bachelor's degree in composition from University of Texas at San Antonio and a Master's degree in composition at Texas State University.

lUIS (lUCHO) hilario

Luis Hilario was born in Peru and has been playing with Andean Fusion for over 17 years. He earned a degree in engineering from the University of Lima in Peru. Luis has always been captivated by the sound of Andean wind instruments. He started learning by watching other musicians perform. He has developed learning programs for Quena, Zampona and more (You can see these programs here). Luis is furthering his education and is attending San Antonio College and is working on becoming a professor. He adds a melodic harmony to every song.


A native of the beautiful country of Ecuador, Fernando grew up in the city of Quito listening to the numerous Andean groups playing in the streets. Inspired by these rhythms, Fernando started to learn the music playing and traveling with various bands to many countries around the world. For now, Fernando is working on obtaining his associates from San Antonio College and plans to teach music and open his own business.


Salvador Olvera is originally from a suburb next to Mexico City. It was in 1995 that he moved to the United States and saw the band performing and soon fell in love with Andean Music. Started practice everyday until he joined the band in 1999. Salvador has traveled as a soloist and with Andean Fusion and training the next generation of musicians. Salvador is not only an accomplished musician , but he is also a craftsman building and selling flutes for many musicians around the world.


Fredy Rivera is a true veteran in the Andean Music genre. Fredy has over 30 years of experience and has played with many legendary bands. While he was a member of the music group, Markawasi he met the Hilario Bros and toured with them across Latin America. Originally from Cali, Colombia, playing an array of different instruments like the guitar, Charango, Cuatro and is an expert Percussionist. Anyone who knows Freddy will say that he is the funniest guy in the band.

Jose Hilario

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